Marcelino retiring. Who will rep...

Apr 29, 2022 by Donald G Word - 1 Comments - 1 min read

Marcelino retiring. Who will replace him?

From CD board president Mitch Moss:

Our maintenance person at Cielo Dorado Estates for the past 25 years, Marcelino Rangel, will be retiring in August of this year. Marcelino's work ethic, flexibility, dependability and institutional knowledge will be sorely missed.

We have begun the process of hiring and training a replacement. Should you know anyone you would feel comfortable recommending, we would appreciate the referral. Please have any interested applicant contact Mitch Moss at


Bill Worth May 30, 2022 15:37:55

Marcelino's job could easily be handled by a fit man or woman. Most of what he does is operating a tractor or truck with very little manual labor. He is responsible for the public lawn and the airfield edges and most of the work is in the summer. The irrigation is simply a matter of opening and closing valves and keeping track of the flooding. I saw this job being done by a middle aged woman in another fly in community and it is an excellent way to work out doors in a healthy environment, and his truck is air conditioned.
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